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6 Reasons to Love Commons Ford Park in Austin

Location: West Austin

Why I Love it:

  1. Wide, flat paths
  2. Amazing lake frontage
  3. Free
  4. Feels like you’re out in the country but you’re not far from town
  5. Wildlife!
  6. Loop trail goes by lake with great view

This park is tucked away in West Austin right on the Colorado river, surrounded by the big green rolling landscape that to me, makes Austin Austin. I love finding a little pockets of nature that are really close to home but feel far away. This park is one of those hidden gems.

Once, Kyle and I picked up Hat Creek burgers and had a little tailgate party before taking off on one of the main trails. Highly recommend for a fun afternoon!

If you’re like me and need trails where you don’t have to worry about your child running off a cliff (boy mom life…), you’ll appreciate that the most scenic trail, which runs by the lake, is big, flat, and wide.

The view of the lake will make you feel truly spoiled. (I live here? This is free?) If not for coronavirus restrictions this would be a GREAT place to bring a picnic blanket and hang out.

We spotted a mother owl keeping watch over her nest, which was thrilling. Owls are such incredible creatures and I always love seeing them in the wild.

There were plenty of ducks, turtles, and wildflowers as well so lots of things to keep my little one engaged and seeing things he reads about in books in real life.

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of any trail that makes a loop so you don’t have to walk by the same scenery twice, and I love that the trail by the lake forms a convenient loop from the parking lot.

Hope you get to get out and enjoy this little hidden gem!

Click here for detailed info on this park from Austin Parks Foundation.

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