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My New Favorite Park in Austin: Wild Basin Preserve!

Bold statement, I know! But I have found my new park love — Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, located off 360 right near central Austin. I’m so pleased with this discovery and will definitely be going back frequently.

I think you’ll appreciate it too. Here’s why:

Beautiful views of Hill Country around every bend

Centrally located

This park is inside the 360 loop just north of 2244. Super convenient whether you’re in north Austin, South Austin, West Austin, or even Bee Cave!

Any time you can feel like you’ve escaped out in nature without actually having to go far, that’s a win.


If you hike the “long” trail (which is only about 2 miles) you will get to see a waterfall and creek.

Impeccably maintained trails

The nonprofit that keeps these trails up deserves a pat on the back. The trails are clean and tidy!

Lots of signage — it’s nearly impossible to get lost!

Well, I’m sure someone could get lost, but there are a LOT of signs directing you on the path, which I appreciated. I hate feeling like I constantly need to read a map and did not feel that way here.

Loop trails — Never cover the same ground twice!

This park consists of a series of loops all looped together so you can go on as long or short of a route you like. A GREAT consideration if you have small kids and don’t know how long they’ll last out on the trail.

Plenty of benches

I appreciated having plenty of places to stop and get water/tend to the baby.

Important FYI

Reservations are required during this time of COVID. Click the link I shared at the top of this post for reservations!

Hope you get to visit this park and enjoy it as much as we did.

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