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Field Fashion Inspired by Laura Bush

Today’s field fashion post is inspired by former First Lady Laura Bush! You may not know that Mrs. Bush takes a trip every single year with her childhood girlfriends to a national park, where she roughs it–hikes, rafts, rides horses, and camps under the stars.

In the public eye, she’s a great advocate for the environment. Here are just a few things she has done!

  • Helped establish the second largest protected area in the world, the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii
  • Restored native wildlife habitat on the ranch she and President Bush own in Crawford
  • Landscaped the entire George W. Bush Presidential Center with native Texas plants (better for wildlife and less water-intensive)
  • Helped ensure the building received Platinum LEED certification, the highest green building recognition
  • Co-written a children’s book with daughter Jenna about the national parks, Our Big Backyard

A real Texas woman, she is leading by example. And she always looks perfect in the process.

I loved this picture of her smashing a champagne bottle in Yosemite National Park to commemorate the redediation of Tioga Road, and especially loved her hat. Here is one just like it:

I know it’s just a hat, but it’s who knows, you might find yourself planting milkweeds to attract Monarch butterflies or hitting a neighborhood trail with your kids when you put it on! May you feel inspired by Laura Bush’s example in more ways than one.

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