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Field Fashion Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge in Canada, September 2016

Once again, my blog post is dedicated to Kate Middleton and her latest outdoor ensemble. What else is new? She always fits in something outdoorsy on her royal visits and yesterday, she and Prince William went hiking in the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Her outfit can be seen below.


Looking perfect, per usual. More pictures can be seen here.

Tassel boots, a belted safari jacket, and jeans. I have never seen this jacket before on her (and I know all her jackets, okay y’all?) and discovered it was from Holland & Holland, a British designer. These boots are by Penelope Chilvers and can be bought here.

Below I’ve included an outfit that has some familiar alternatives: a J. Crew jacket, a Rails flannel top (which I just bought and LOVE), and Lucchese boots.

Kate Middleton Field Fashion - Canada 2016



Her top was more of a gingham, but I personally prefer this look.


The brass buttons on the J. Crew jacket make it perfect for wearing around town. Pair a belt with it if you feel so inclined.

Kate is an inspiration in so many ways. I love how outdoorsy she is and how on every trip, she and the Prince fit in some outdoor excursion.

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We might as well call her the Duchess of Field Fashion. This may not be the last time you hear about her here on this blog! Just warning you.







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