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Field Fashion Inspired by the Duchess’ Hike to Tiger’s Nest

Once again, Kate has done it: looked fabulous while living her sporty, jet setting life. I love that she and the Prince continually take time to get outdoors, and use their platform to promote causes such as Scouts and wildlife conservation. Lately she has been touring India, where she bottle fed baby elephants, tried an ancient form of archery, and hiked up the hills of Bhutan to Tiger’s Nest Monastery. She and Prince William looked like they were having so much fun. Today, in honor of Kate, and in honor of her sporty life, I’ve picked an outfit inspired by what she wore on the hike to Tiger’s Nest.

The Inspiration

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Photo Credit: Samir Hussein

will kate press pool getty images

Photo Credit: UK Press Pool/Getty Images

samir hussein

Photo Credit: UK Press Pool/Getty Images

The Outfit

This outfit is fitting for light hiking, a day at the ranch, riding, shooting, and simply channeling your inner Kate. Honestly, I would wear this just about anywhere.

Orvis Velino Vest

Velino Travel Vest,, $89 (on sale!)

Alternatively, I LOVE this linen one. So much more practical for Texas heat.

Caslon vest

Caslon Linen Utility Vest,, $78


Ladies White MicroFiber Shirt,, $57

I love this brand and have their tops in camo.


Brenna Pants,, $89

prAna is one of my favorite outdoor brands and the material of these pants is perfect. I own a pair in a different cut. It dries quickly, is stretchy, but more sturdy than athletic pants. Love love love it!!

Kate wore grey pants but I love these in Dark Olive: prAna Brenna Pants in Dark Olive.

Merrell Boots

Merrell Captiva Boot,, $88

For the boot, you’ll want something with traction and a good sole if you’re hiking or doing other outdoor activities, so I recommend choosing a boot like this from Merrell. This is a sporty take on the traditional riding boot.


Caslon Linen Scarf,, $32

Et voila. Enjoy channeling your inner Kate! But I must say, the best thing she wears is her smile so don’t forget that.

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