Wild Things on the Farm

I’m a little overdue in posting about this! We had friends down to my family’s farm recently (and you can read about our turkey hunting experience here) but there was a lot more to the weekend than just hunting!

First, this critter greeted us in the kitchen sink when we arrived.

One thing about farms and ranches, is they are full of surprises! Sadly this is one of the tamest beasts we have found inside the house.

(We released him back into the wild.)

Kristin got a turkey, which was very rewarding and tasty.

And like any good Texan with a Saturday afternoon and some ammunition to spare, we did a little target practice.

Girls just wanna have guns, y’all.

Kristin and her husband Adam have silencers on their guns, and at first I did not understand the need for this menacing sounding feature. But after an hour of shooting pistols and rifles with no jarring noise rattling my eardrums, I started to get it. Then they explained that it helps when hunting to be able to hear animals approach, and not have to wear earplugs, and I could totally see their point of view!

Adam is a great coach and instructor. Both Kristin and Adam volunteer as hunt guides with the Texas Youth Hunting Program, which gives kids the opportunity to go hunting on ranches across the state.

You see me laying on the ground in this picture — HUGE mistake! The sticker burrs were out in force!

Kristin’s collie Jane came to party with Trooper, and even though Trooper was a little stinker I think it could be the beginning of a friendship!

A scarlet tanager paid us a visit while we were taking a break in the afternoon.

And two baby owls kept a close eye on us from their perch in one of our trees!

Their mom did not like us being nearby.

The cactus and huisache were in bloom, and even though those plants are pesky (we have far too many of them and they shade out grass and forb growth) they were very pretty to look at!

A great weekend that like usual, went by too fast but recharged my batteries way more than any weekend I spend in the city.

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