Field Fashion Friday: Chic Ranch Coat

Today you will be surprised to hear it’s all about Kate–again. When it comes to outdoor attire, she sets just the right example–not too over the top, not too underdressed, cute, comfy, classic. When I ran across a jacket in Prana’s catalogue that looked like one she had, I thought I should share.


Kate’s Coat

This faux fur and suede coat is perfect paired with boots for a chilly day down at the ranch. (Or walking in your neighborhood palace gardens, whichever is more realistic for your life.)

(Kate’s is faux fur.)

Now for the rest of the outfit:


These are great for horseback riding, short hikes (under 2 miles), hunting, and weekends at the ranch.


I have a hat like this and wear it hunting and on trips to the ranch.

Enjoy channeling your inner Kate!

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3 Hiking Shoes Perfect for Girl Hikers

SHOES. One of my favorite topics. (And literature, world affairs, and politics, of course.) One of the most common questions I get from girls who hike is what hiking shoes I recommend. The world of outdoor shoes is vast, and it’s hard to tell online or after 15 minutes in a store what will be comfortable over miles and miles of trail.

But this list is pretty bulletproof. I have tested these shoes and feel very confident recommending them to you! I own two of these and my mother owns the other, which I proceed to steal from her whenever I get the chance.

FYI my post How To Pick the Perfect Hiking Shoes is a helpful guide for sizing and selection.

Merrell Siren Sport Waterproof

Perfect for: day hikes

I love these Merrell’s so very much. They’ve seen me through a month backpacking through Europe and a week hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and many mountain and trail adventures that followed, and I’ve never been uncomfortable in them. The sole is very sturdy and has lasted for ages.


Merrell Siren Sport, (several colors available)

Waterproof version: Merrell Siren Sport Waterproof (<– Recommended for longer hikes/backpacking trips)

Salomon Ellipse GTX

Perfect for: day hikes

This is another one of my favorites. Holly wore these here, hiking in Peru. They are waterproof.

Salomon Ellipse GTX,

Another great Salomon option: X Ultra 2,

Lowa Renegate GTX

Perfect for: longer day hikes (over 5 miles), backpacking

These are my latest favorite purchase and they come in about 99 different colors, so it was hard to choose. (But those who know me well will not be surprised to learn I ended up with purple.) They are SO comfortable, I wore them all over the eastern Sierra mountains this summer backpacking with my brother and husband. My feet couldn’t have been happier, despite the long days and rocky terrain.

Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boot,

(A larger color selection can be found on their website.)

Highly recommend!!






Field Fashion Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge in Canada, September 2016

Once again, my blog post is dedicated to Kate Middleton and her latest outdoor ensemble. What else is new? She always fits in something outdoorsy on her royal visits and yesterday, she and Prince William went hiking in the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Her outfit can be seen below.


Looking perfect, per usual. More pictures can be seen here.

Tassel boots, a belted safari jacket, and jeans. I have never seen this jacket before on her (and I know all her jackets, okay y’all?) and discovered it was from Holland & Holland, a British designer. These boots are by Penelope Chilvers and can be bought here.

Below I’ve included an outfit that has some familiar alternatives: a J. Crew jacket, a Rails flannel top (which I just bought and LOVE), and Lucchese boots.

Kate Middleton Field Fashion - Canada 2016



Her top was more of a gingham, but I personally prefer this look.


The brass buttons on the J. Crew jacket make it perfect for wearing around town. Pair a belt with it if you feel so inclined.

Kate is an inspiration in so many ways. I love how outdoorsy she is and how on every trip, she and the Prince fit in some outdoor excursion.

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We might as well call her the Duchess of Field Fashion. This may not be the last time you hear about her here on this blog! Just warning you.







Field Fashion Friday: Inspired by Joy at Enchanted Rock!

You may have seen my interview with Joy Jauer about her sunrise hike to Enchanted Rock here. I loved her bright pullover that stood out so well among all of the natural colors behind her.


Nothing like a bright pop of coral to brighten up your pics! (I also found this to be true with Holly’s attire in Peru featured here.) Here are some versions of her attire:

For 3 Seasons and Layering: Merrell Soto 1/2 zip,, $51


Perfect paired with Stio Dulcet Pant,, $150

stio pants

For Warm Weather: Arc’Teryx Motus Crew Shirt,, $44

Motus Crew

For Cold Weather: Arc’Teryx Atom LT Jacket,, $170


Arc’Teryx is an outstanding brand. I saw this jacket in store and it is SO CUTE. The pink guava color is so perfect. Bright but not too pink!

Happy hiking, ladies!


4 Items PERFECT for a Glamp Out

Today I wanted to share four items that would make your camping area beautiful and charming. Why not have a little fun with your camp out?!

The Goods

1. Red Adirondacks

Ever since sitting in these cute red adirondacks at Truett Winery, I have had red adirondacks in the back of my mind.

truett, dry creek

When I saw Martha Lynn Kale take them glamping, it was decided: I officially needed some red adirondacks for glamping.

Adams Red Resin Stackable Patio Chair, $17 ea,

2. Mason Jar Firefly String Lights

These just scream glamping, don’t they? Plus they are battery powered so don’t require running electricity. These would be perfect strung up in the tree by your picnic table or tent.

World Market String LIghts

World Market Mason Jar Firefly String Lights, $14.99 (on sale!),

3. Outdoor Area Rug

This polypropalene rug is very comfy underfoot, lightweight, and can be rained on, walked on with muddy shoes, and hosed off when you’re done.


World Market Rio Reversible Outdoor Rug, $39.99, (There are some $19.99 options too in other colors.)

4. Hammock

This rounds out the perfect glamp site. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve wished for a hammock when camping, I could buy all the hammocks in Texas. Nothing beats enjoying the breeze from a swaying hammock after a day of hiking.

I love this $39 one from IKEA.


Fredon Hammock, $39.99, Ikea Stores (not sold online)

Or this woven one from World Market!


Cotton Rope 2 Person Hammock, $67.99 (on sale!),

Enjoy! Hope y’all have many happy glamp outs.

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Field Fashion Friday: Elephant Hair Bracelet

Today’s field fashion is inspired by Africa. Elephant hair bracelets, only they are not made from elephant hair, but from sterling silver and gold, or, if you choose the black one, synthetic and gold.

two tone gold silver

Two-tone lightweight elephant hair bracelet, Safari Jewelry, starting at $100 (Prices vary depending on number of strands, gemstones, and metals)


Synthetic and 14k gold elephant hair bracelet

A friend of mine has had these for years and they are as shiny and stunning as the day she bought them. A reminder of the plains of Africa each time you look down at your wrist.

A particularly beautiful addition to your ranch or hunting attire. Wink wink!




How To Pick the Perfect Hiking Shoes

First, I must share this photo of my friend Joy on the South Rim Trail at Big Bend.

Joy South Rim

Go girl! That is one happy looking hiker.

Today I want to talk about hiking boots. Picking out the right pair is an important endeavor. We’re all women here and know the value in a good pair of shoes! But I want to tell you today how to go about picking out these important staples in your outdoor wardrobe, because it takes more time and different parameters than normal shoes.

What to Know

  1. The two most important ideas to keep in mind are weight and waterproofness. You want your feet to be as light and as dry as possible. Look for shoes with Gore Tex–it is the best. This is a patented waterproofing technology used by a variety of brands. That said, many brands have started using their own waterproofing technology and that typically is pretty sound.
  2. Go 1/2 size up. This is a standard rule of thumb. After you put the hiking boots on, jump down stairs or down the fake boulder in the store and see if your toes hit the end of the boot. If they do, go another half size up. This is no time to be vain about going up a shoe size…think instead about how the right fitting boot will prevent blisters!
  3. Boots take time to break in, so plan to purchase them far in advance of your hiking adventure. If you are buying light trail running shoes, then it takes less time to break them in and you don’t need to worry about this as much.
  4. Allow 2 hours to try on hiking shoes and GO IN THE STORE. Don’t shop online.
  5. Try on at least three pairs and spend at least twenty minutes in each. This would look silly at Nordstrom but at hiking stores, this is normal. Perk of REI: one year satisfaction guarantee. If you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, you know they are true to their word–she called them from a payphone halfway into her hike and they sent her a new pair.
  6. Don’t let the sales people pressure you. They are all gurus, and their opinions range from one side of the spectrum to the other. While they can be helpful, ultimately, you should listen to your gut.
  7. Good socks are important too…I recommend Darn Tough socks (found at REI) or Smartwool light or medium weight socks.
  8. A note about pedicures! If you’re going on a long hiking trip (more than three days), don’t get a pedicure for a few months in advance so your feet can build up some callouses.
  9. There are two types of hiking footwear: trail running/hiking shoes and hiking boots. The former looks like a tennis shoe but has a sturdier sole, and the latter is a traditional hiking boot that covers the ankle.

salomon ellipse gtx                     lowa espresso berry

Which one you choose will depend on personal preference and intended use. Typically, a hiking shoe is perfect for light day hikes or weekend campouts. The hiking boot is more suited for longer hikes and backpacking trips. That said, I know people who do the opposite. The good news is you will be happy in either.

When to Wear a Hiking Boot

If you are…

  • Prone to turning your ankle
  • Carrying a pack over 20 lbs
  • Tend to hike where it is rocky (ie, near Austin)
  • Going to be hiking all day

When to Wear a Hiking Shoe

  • If you usually go on small day hikes
  • If you prefer something light on your foot

I personally love my hiking shoes but my next investment will be in hiking boots, because I like how sturdy they are and I like the classic hiking boot look.

10. Lastly, grab a pair of extremely lightweight flip flops and take them with you whenever you go hiking. Slip them on after you’re done with your hike. This is good for your feet!

Happy shopping…let me know if you have any questions. I’ve listed below some of the brands and shoes I love. I hope you find the perfect pair.

Joy Seated

Picking Hiking Boots Graphic - Pinterest



Field Fashion Inspired by the Duchess’ Hike to Tiger’s Nest

Once again, Kate has done it: looked fabulous while living her sporty, jet setting life. I love that she and the Prince continually take time to get outdoors, and use their platform to promote causes such as Scouts and wildlife conservation. Lately she has been touring India, where she bottle fed baby elephants, tried an ancient form of archery, and hiked up the hills of Bhutan to Tiger’s Nest Monastery. She and Prince William looked like they were having so much fun. Today, in honor of Kate, and in honor of her sporty life, I’ve picked an outfit inspired by what she wore on the hike to Tiger’s Nest.

The Inspiration

will kate 1

Photo Credit: Samir Hussein

will kate press pool getty images

Photo Credit: UK Press Pool/Getty Images

samir hussein

Photo Credit: UK Press Pool/Getty Images

The Outfit

This outfit is fitting for light hiking, a day at the ranch, riding, shooting, and simply channeling your inner Kate. Honestly, I would wear this just about anywhere.

Orvis Velino Vest

Velino Travel Vest,, $89 (on sale!)

Alternatively, I LOVE this linen one. So much more practical for Texas heat.

Caslon vest

Caslon Linen Utility Vest,, $78


Ladies White MicroFiber Shirt,, $57

I love this brand and have their tops in camo.


Brenna Pants,, $89

prAna is one of my favorite outdoor brands and the material of these pants is perfect. I own a pair in a different cut. It dries quickly, is stretchy, but more sturdy than athletic pants. Love love love it!!

Kate wore grey pants but I love these in Dark Olive: prAna Brenna Pants in Dark Olive.

Merrell Boots

Merrell Captiva Boot,, $88

For the boot, you’ll want something with traction and a good sole if you’re hiking or doing other outdoor activities, so I recommend choosing a boot like this from Merrell. This is a sporty take on the traditional riding boot.


Caslon Linen Scarf,, $32

Et voila. Enjoy channeling your inner Kate! But I must say, the best thing she wears is her smile so don’t forget that.

field fashion-1

How to Store Camping Gear

Today I wanted to share with you a tip I learned for organizing camping gear. Sometimes it can feel like the majority of the trip is spent packing and locating things and then repacking them, which drives me slightly insane. So, I have gotten organized and am so glad I did!

I bought three bins of equal size and separated my camping gear into them according to various categories.


This does involve having two sets of certain things, (one for home and one for camping) but trust me, it’s worth it.

And the fun part: you get to use a labelmaker!


I have my food prep equipment in one bin, cleaning equipment in another, and cooking tools in another.




These all stack and fit perfectly in my closet and make life so much easier. When I want to go camping, I can just throw them in the car, without having to repack them each time. After a trip, I make sure they are restocked/cleaned as needed. I took these bins on my last camping trip to Inks Lake and couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.