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5 Reasons to Go Camping in January

Going camping in January/early February can be a toss up, because it will either freeze you out and you’ll be miserable or have to cancel, or you’ll get a perfectly beautiful day, with no crowds.

If you cancel, you might lose your reservation deposit (in Texas that’s around $10 per camp site), but if the weather is gorgeous…

Like it was when we went to Enchanted Rock last month, then you will be counting your lucky stars!

What I Like About Camping in January

1. By January, you’re probably itching to get outdoors and start your new years resolution of working out.

2. Fewer crowds. In January, you’ll practically have the park to yourself.

3. It’s campfire weather.

4. There’s less going on in January that would conflict with your schedule, like sports games, events, school deadlines, and the like.

5. You’ll have more choices for camp sites.

Usually your site assignment is luck of the draw–it depends on how early you check in, how many other people are there, and what is left for you. With fewer people camping in January, there’s a better chance you’ll have more to choose from.

Moral of the story: risk it and make a January reservation. If you have to cancel because of weather, the price is minimal but if the weather is great, the reward is incredible!

Shout out to our friends Blake and Erin for planning this January excursion and getting us out the door.

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