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How to Make a Bullet Wreath

This is a fun way to put your spent ammunition to use and commemorate a good hunt or day at the shooting range!

And it’s really easy.

What You’ll Need

  • Straw Wreath
  • Gold spray paint, 18 karat recommended
  • A few handfuls of spent ammunition
  • Optional: rubber gloves

You can acquire spent ammunition at a local shooting range, just say you’ll be using it for an arts and crafts project.


This should be done outdoors, and I recommend putting newspaper down.

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Remove the plastic wrapping from the straw wreath and spray paint the wreath gold.

Fact of life: everything is better painted gold.

Let it air dry.

Using hot glue, adhere the empty cartridges to the golden wreath.

There are two secrets to making it look good:

  1. Go in a COMPLETELY random pattern with the bullets
  2. Start with the largest bullets and once all of those are adhered randomly, move down to the smaller bullets

Optional: spray paint surface gold (I opted not to here.) Voila!

A heart shaped wreath is a fun to do as well.

It’s pretty heavy at this point so make sure you have a good nail to hang it on! Mine’s hanging in the┬áhouse but it looks great on the front door too.


  • Jani

    I really like it! Such a good idea – My grandfather use to make bullets – i’m not sure what to call in in English – but this is such a great gift to make my grandmother with all his old leftover un-used bullets! thanks!