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A Girl’s Guide to Dove Hunting: What to Wear

The fun part of outdoor guidance for me, aside from the beautiful places I get to go, is always the fashion. Call me superficial, but I like gear! And gear matters when it comes to the outdoors, because it can make a huge difference in your comfort level and ability to execute the task at hand.

{This is part of my Girl’s Guide to Dove Hunting, so be sure to check out the rest of those posts here.}

When it comes to hunting, it can be difficult to find something feminine, but it’s not impossible. As the stylish ladies in the pic below show, it is possible to look cute while hunting.


A Few Basic Guidelines

Though you will see people dove hunting in camo, this is not required. Olive greens and browns work fine. The idea is that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb in the brush.

You’ll want to wear something you don’t mind getting a little bloody.

Opening weekend is usually pretty toasty still in Texas so try to wear something cool!



I love GameGaurd fabrics–so lightweight–and their cut–so feminine.

Prois is a great brand and these Sojourn tops are my favorite of theirs.

Alternatively, you can wear something tan or olive green from your closet.

IMG_0073 - Copy
GameGaurd top


I recommend pants, not shorts. When you shoot a bird, you will have to go through the brush to get it (unless you have a bird dog) and your legs will get scraped in shorts.

I also prefer pants I can tuck into my boots, but that’s more personal preference than necessity!

On hot days, I prefer a lightweight material instead of denim.


If you read this blog and haven’t heard me talk about these pants yet then you are missing something! These are by far my favorite outdoor pants on earth…they look great on. They can be worn on day hikes, camping trips, and trips to the ranch. The material is so soft and stretchy yet sturdy.

These are skinny leg, so great for tucking into boots. I just got these and so far have been very pleased with them.


You’ll want to wear boots dove hunting as opposed to tennis shoes. Tennis shoes don’t hold up well in the brush and you’ll spend the rest of your night getting stickerburrs out of your shoelaces.


Snake boots are an investment, but worth it if you spend a lot of time on a ranch.


Ammo Pouch and Bird Bag on a Belt

This is not required, but definitely recommended for holding your ammo and birds. I like to keep my ammunition in a pouch on my belt so that if I leave my chair to pick up a bird or to go chat with a friend I’m hunting with, I have it with me in case the birds start flying nearby.

This can be used for skeet shooting as well!


  • Jon Hart bags hold up well and are monogrammable: Jon Hart Bird Bag, jonhartdesign.com
  • Academy has some inexpensive, and yet nice looking ones as well which you can find in the store in the hunting section.
DSC_0308 - Copy
Jon Hart bag in action!


A hat is rather pointless, because if you’re hunting at sunset the sun will shine in your face regardless. However if you’re hunting mid afternoon you’ll want a ball cap or a wide brimmed hat.

IMG_3404 - Copy

Eye Protection and Ear Plugs

  • Sunglasses are usually enough
  • You can usually pick up a pair of ear plugs at the gas station or CVS

Cold Weather Add Ons

Now all you need is a really nice gun, and life will be complete!

Happy hunting!