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9 Things to Love about Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis

Brandon and I spent the weekend at Pace Bend, a large park on the edge of Lake Travis near Austin. The lake was full, the weather didn’t go above 75 degrees, and we took our s’more making game to a whole new level with chocolate peanut butter s’mores. You could say it was a perfect weekend!

Brandon’s been working hard (and winning Young Engineer of the Year) and we were up for a little vacation.


Trooper came too. Between the owls hooting all night, the pack of coyotes yipping at 4am, and the many other critters rustling around in the brush, he barely got any sleep.

Clearly, it’s an exhausting task being guard dog.


As for us, we hiked, hung out around the campsite, napped, and watched a bike race go by. We had fun and found this park to be an easy jaunt from Austin. I’ve compiled a list of what I loved about this park below. Enjoy!

Pace Bend Smaller (1)

What I loved…

Extensive Shoreline

Pace Bend has 9 miles of shoreline on Lake Travis. Need I say more! As readers will know, one of my preferences when I go to a park is a pretty natural feature to enjoy. This park is perfect for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. It even has a boat ramp. One year ago, “Lake Travis Frontage” wouldn’t have been anything to brag about, given the lake being down 40 feet, but this year, after record rainfall, the lake is almost full and the shoreline is gorgeous. And I am a happy camper.


(That was, actually, my first time to say “happy camper” on this blog.)


Boat ramp!

Endless Hammock Options

There are so many beautiful shady oak trees at this park, it is really ripe for hammocking.


Can anyone guess the total number of hammock location options in this picture?

Scenic Trails

Nearly everywhere you turn, lake views greet you. While there are dozens of trails, the rangers still invite you to bushwack cross country and find your own. For the Hill Country, these trails were nice, with big views and diverse terrain.







Trail Names

I thoroughly enjoyed reading trail names like “Tapeworm,” “Wookie Way,” “Straddle Your Saddle,” and “Chicken Foot.” Whoever named these had a sense of humor.

Fortunately, so far, no signs of tapeworm after hiking that trail.


And my favorite…


I’m not even sure what happened with that name.

Ample Picnic options

Whoever put in the order for picnic tables must have added an extra “0” by mistake, because there are more picnic tables than there are people to sit at them. All of the tables are numbered, and at one point I noticed one numbered “257.” Just…wow.

And nearly all of them are located in a beautiful setting.


Campsites with a View

If this park wasn’t made for hammocks, then it was made for camping. There are hundreds of campsites. A set of twenty “improved campsites” with water and electric are located at Levi Cove, which is where we stayed. The rest are primitive (meaning no electric) campsites are strung along the 9 miles of Lake Travis frontage. There really isn’t a bad seat in the house, as almost all of the campsites are on the lakeshore, have phenomenal views, beautiful trees, and a decent amount of privacy. I really loved this feature of the park.



(I want this one next time.)


Here’s a peek at the bathrooms!


They were…okay. The sink is tiny and there’s hardly any counterspace. But they are kept very tidy.

Proximity to Austin

Only 45 minutes from Austin, Pace Bend is convenient and handy for a short, spur of the moment getaways.



As I mentioned, Pace Bend has plenty of campsites so availability is rarely an issue unlike some state parks.

Starbucks on the way home

Sometimes all I want after a campout (and campfire coffee) is Starbucks, and there is conveniently a Starbucks about 1/3 of the way back to Austin.

Last but not least, what was my favorite thing about Pace Bend?

The puns.

Pitching this tent was as easy as copy and PACE.

I can’t wait to get some quality Pacetime with you this weekend.

Smile! I’m posting this one to Pacebook.

Pace on earth.

We go together like Pace and carrots.

I’ll stop now.

All in all, I give this park a gold star. I hope you enjoy it if you ever check it out!


Things to Know

  • Online Reservations: Click Here
  • Park Website: Click Here
  • Distance from Austin: 45 minutes
  • Best Trails: Wookie Way, Graceland, Post Oak/Rosenbush Loop up by the coves
  • Cell Reception: Perfect