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7 Reasons You’ll Love Horseback Riding in the Rockies

A few weeks ago on our 30th birthday trip to Breckenridge, my girlfriends, our husbands, and I went horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains and it was by far one of our favorite parts of the entire vacation. I want to recommend it here today as a fun, easy way to get outdoors with your crew and see the scenery.


Our Outfitter

  • Gore Range Outfitters
  • Our Location: Frisco, CO (just outside Breckenridge)
  • Our Ride: Half Day Picnic Ride


1. So Much Easier than Hiking

The horses do all the work, and you sit back and enjoy the mountain breeze. Having just backpacked through the Sierra mountains with a 30lb pack, I was truly appreciating this luxury. (And sympathizing with my horse…)


2. Great views off the beaten path

Nothing beats seeing the world from atop a horse. Whether you’re floating through an aspen grove or ascending the side of a steep hill with views for miles all around, horses give a better perspective.


Just make sure you don’t get too up close and personal with any low hanging limbs. 🙂

3. Fun and out-of-the-ordinary

Not every vacation offers horses as a means of transportation, am I right? This is something fun to take advantage of when you have the chance.


4. Peace and Quiet

Except for the occasional clop-clop of their hooves, horseback riding can be a peaceful way to enjoy the day sans distractions and sans cars or hikers.


5. Great with kids

Horses can be a huge thrill for children. Without fail, my nieces’ favorite part of our park outings are always pony rides and I know if they were old enough they would love a real trail ride.


6. Requires no new equipment

Hey! That’s a win right? Nothing special you have to pack in your carry on besides a t-shirt and jeans.


7. The horses themselves

Horses are God’s gift to us, I’m convinced. They are such soulful, gentle creatures and research shows they lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety.


I’ve always found them to be incredibly intuitive creatures.


{They smell fear.}

What else am I missing, horse lovers? Feel free to share in the comments.

We loved the outfitter mentioned above and the trail could not have been better. I would definitely check them out if you’re in the Breckenridge area. And if you do go horseback riding in the Rockies, be sure to hashtag #whitswilderness so I can see what you’re up to.

Happy trails!









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