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Dog Days of Summer

There were lots of dogs at the Greenbelt yesterday.

DSC_0176 (640x427)

Lots of big dogs, several funny looking dogs, and some pocket-sized dogs, all of them wet dogs running around like banshees. One thing you can count on with this many dogs in one place is a lot of bottom sniffing. Once again, I’m reminded of why I appreciate being human and not canine.

These dogs could not be happier to be in the water!

DSC_0178 (640x427)

A trip to the Greenbelt usually means “best day ever” for dogs. With so much to sniff, so many trails to follow, so many places to swim, and no need to be on leashes (that policy seems to be suspended), this park is dog heaven.

Some dogs express their love for swimming by gleefully doggy paddling around, chasing after tennis balls and frisbees. Some will get a running start and leap from cliffs, belly flopping into the water. But not our dog. Oh no. He insists on barking and yelping at the sight of anyone trying to enjoy a swim.

The moment you start to think about putting a toe in the water, he starts yelping at a decibel that makes everyone in the vicinity turn and look. Humiliation at its finest.

DSC_0228 (640x427)

Look at the pep in that dog’s step. He is so happy! How nice it must be to not have your dog bark at the sight of water.

DSC_0209 - Copy

Instead of enduring this fear-invoked panic.


If I were to wade out to where that woman is standing, my dog would be yelping so loudly that everyone would have packed up their things and headed off to find another swimming hole.

So for the sake of everyone around, I usually have to move on to another, more isolated patch of water.

However, there is one thing that makes his behavior somewhat less terrible:

DSC_0211 (640x427)

…and that is the especially fluffy butt he gets after shaking off.

It’s an hilarious sight. His furry little bottom is the last thing to stop shaking and as a result, it turns into a pom pom by the time he stops moving.

Trooper was told umpteen times yesterday that he was “sooo cute.” Indeed, his cuteness somewhat makes up for his behavior.

Until I figure out what to do about the barking issue I guess we will opt for the less crowded swimming holes.

Anyone want a free corgi?

Just kidding.



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