What to Wear: Winter on the Texas Gulf Coast

Winter on the Texas Gulf Coast

For the last two years, I’ve made wintertime trips to the Texas Coast. I would have never thought to do this on my own, but thanks to work meetings and a friend’s wedding, I’ve been forced to. And I’ve come to love it.

Why? Because I often dream of having an entire beach to myself, and in Texas in the winter, I do. It is so peaceful to walk up and down the beach with nothing but the sound of the waves crashing and seagulls overhead.


Our winters in Texas are so mild that it can be really nice out most days. Last week was a fluke deal; 70 degree temps, sun high in the sky, and not a soul on the Bolivar coast. I was in heaven.


And it’s not like I miss squeezing into a bikini and parading around in public. Just being honest.

So in case you’re seeing my logic, and want a winter coastal getaway of your own, the above outfit is a must have.

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I own the purple jacket on the left, and just love it. It is the North Face Apex Bionic softshell and has lusciously soft fleece cuffs and collar, a sturdy zipper and large pockets.

I also own the Hunter rain boots above , and prefer them over anything else for winter beach walking because they keep sand out of your socks and give you the freedom to tread in the waves without getting your feet wet.

While I don’t own the specific Tilley hat above, I do own a hemp Tilley, and it has stood up through thick and thin.  I think this tweed version is cute.  Tilley’s float, are made with quality materials, and have a lifetime guarantee. Even in a Texas winter, the sun beats down, and you need a hat.

A typical winter day on the Texas coast will start off chilly and misty and then turn warm and sunny in the afternoon, so I’ve included this Lululemon half zip for practicality.  Layering is key. That is one of my personal mottos.

Don’t forget your binocs. Birds love the Texas coast and you will want to keep an eye out for Roseate spoonbills, ibises, and the iconic Whooping crane.

Have fun!

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