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Field Fashion Friday: Marmot Kitzbuhel Vest

FFF MArmot vest

Marmot Kitzbuhel Vest, $100,

I love vests. They are perfect in Texas winters and versatile when paired with anything from a pressed button down shirt to a t shirt.

I tried this one on a few weeks ago while in REI.  The vest’s best feature is side panels made of medium weight spandex material, which hugs your figure gently but not too closely.  The panels help the front and back of the vest hang properly without awkward wrinkles, giving you a very polished look.

On a cold night on a ski trip or camping trip, pair this with a half-zip and cute winter hat.  On a day hike in the spring, pair with a t-shirt and shorts, some hiking boots and tall socks scrunched down. Or, wear this with a pressed button down and nice cowboy boots over your jeans.

The material is very soft to the touch, and yet sturdy enough to not snag when you to lean back on a tree or rock.  And Marmot is a respected brand, so this vest *should* last a while.

In case you are curious about what Kitzbuhel is, like I was, I googled it and t is a small medieval town in the Austrian Mountains.


How beautiful is that? I think I see Julie Andrews singing “The Hills are Alive” on one of those slopes.

Not a paid advertisement, I’m just sharing what I like.


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