Field Fashion Friday: Doggie Edition


Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Grip Trex Dog Boots, $70,

Since I’m always trying to think of a way to make Trooper more comfortable, I’ve decided to devote this field fashion Friday to keeping his paws sticker-burr free.

While out running errands yesterday, I saw these cute booties at REI and liked the durable feel of their grippy soles and quality material. I decided this was good enough for even my dog.

Whenever we’re on the farm, Trooper has to stop and dig them out before continuing on his various missions, most of which have to do with squirrels and other rodentia.

Seventy dollars may be a significant amount to spend on shoes for a dog. But I gave up on the idea of not spoiling Trooper a long time ago.

I mean…that face.


I just can’t say no.

But here’s a less expensive version as well: Target dog boots.

Trooper just LOVES wearing outfits (or not) so we’ll see how he takes to shoes…


Not a paid advertisement. Just me sharing what I like.

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