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And the Turkey Hunt Continues…

Y’all may recall my post last year when we went on our first turkey hunt ever, down on the ranch my family has in South Texas. We’ve never had turkeys on our place in the past, but in the last few years they’ve arrived and multiplied. I credit the brush, which has gotten so much thicker in the last 10 years, and the fact our corn feeders have been kept full on a regular basis. It’s kind of fun to have these birds around because the are really goofy. They are gangly and loud, and make a lot of funny clucks and squawks, and we see them nearly every time we’re out on a ride so it’s like a guaranteed wildlife spotting.

Last year, on our inaugural turkey hunt, we had them come within about 30 yards of us. It was exciting and my friend Kristin bagged a bird!

That night we ate turkey piccata (recipe here) and it was delish!

Brandon and I had been hoping this past season one of us would get one.¬†We had a special guest with us this time–baby Kyle in the womb. #babysfirsthunt

Last year, we all hunted together. This year we split up, girls in one direction, and boys in another. But even though we split up, the birds managed to skirt around us each time. We figured they sent out a scouting hen to determine our location and she gave us up.

As haphazard as turkeys are–loud, the opposite of stealthy, and seemingly oblivious to predators–they are good at remaining hidden from you if they want to.

But we kept at it. Finally, on our last morning hunting, Kristin and I heard a “BOOM!” come from the direction of the boys. Pretty soon our phones were buzzing, “Turkey down!”

Adam was successful and got a beautiful bird.

Go Adam!

This makes for only two turkeys ever harvested at our ranch…no wonder the birds love living here.

Brandon and I were a little bummed we didn’t get one ourselves, but now we are even more determined. This story is not over yet!

Fortunately, our spirits were lifted when we remembered we had cinnamon rolls back at the house waiting for us.

At least we eat well on our hunts! (Also consumed on this hunt: a deep fried turkey. Yum.)

I hope I have a success story to report to y’all next year. Stay tuned!

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