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What to Wear Turkey Hunting

This is part of my Girl’s Guide to Turkey Hunting. Find out all you need to know, from what gun to use to how to pick a hunting spot.

A Girl’s Guide on Whit’s Wilderness wouldn’t be complete without a post about what to wear! I’m a huge believer that you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re going hunting, and am sharing my favorite clothing and gear below.

Happy hunting, ladies!

A few things to know…

  • Turkeys have impeccable eyesight so unless you’re sitting in a pop up blind, you’ll need to be decked out in full camo.
  • Wear bug spray and tuck your pants into your boots to avoid chigger bites
  • Comfort is key, you will be sitting for long hours!

Camo Top

I recommend this Wild Rose Apparel camo top for turkey hunting in Texas. The fabric is so light and breezy, you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything.

Photo credit: @wildroseapparel

The pattern is made of roses, and looks so feminine in person.

Where to buy: 


I have two recommendations here: one is camo and the other is olive green. If you read this blog, you will hear me talk about prAna a LOT!

I have both of these, and I LOVE the prAna pants. They are incredibly comfortable and stretchy, but with enough structure to make them flattering. I like the Prois pants as well, though they are not as great for tucking into boots. They have a slight flare at the ankle and are best suited for hunting in colder weather.

You will want pants that tuck into your boots to keep the chiggers out!

Prana Meme Pants
Prois Pro-edition pants


Snake boots

Ordinary cowboy boots would be fine, but ideally if you’re tromping around in brush you should be in snake boots. That said, don’t let not having snake boots keep you from hunting! Just watch for snakes.

These Chippewa boots are really comfortable. I have a wide foot so had to order the men’s to be comfortable, so note they are a little narrow!

Bug Spray

I can’t emphasize this enough, wear bug spray. If you’re sitting on the ground for a while, the creepy crawly critters will make their way into your pants!

Face Paint

I like to do an upside-down antler design.

Hunting Bag

Baseball Hat

I also like to wear a baseball cap for extra camoflage, and think this one is super cute!! Texas Camo Hat from TexasHumor.com

I hope you feel super equipped for your next turkey hunting adventure! Be sure to check out my other posts on the topic of turkey hunting:


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