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The 3 Best Hiking Trails of Enchanted Rock

Hello y’all! As you may have read yesterday, I just returned from a fun weekend of camping at Enchanted Rock and wanted to share with you the trails we hiked and loved. I hope you try them too.

If you have not been to Enchanted Rock, or if the last time you went was gradeschool (ahem), you need to get out there. It is such a beautiful place and I don’t think I appreciated it as much as it deserved when I was little. We are so fortunate to have this natural feature right here in Texas.

Read about my ladies camping trip at Enchanted Rock here.

Note: all of these trails are better seen in spring time when the wildflowers are blooming!

Summit Trail

Obviously, the first and most important trail to mention is the Summit Trail, which takes you to the top of the dome!

This is the most stunning part of your park experience — the pièce de résistance. Being up there is a wonderful feeling I think all Texans should experience.

Best time to go: Sunrise, when there are fewer people and the breeze is cool. This requires camping overnight in the park, which I highly recommend. Alternatively you could go about an hour before sunset and watch the sun sink below the horizon!

(Is this why they call our state “God’s Country”?!)

Difficulty: moderate. The trail is steep, however it is only 20 minutes long.

Distance: 20 minutes, 1 mile to summit

Bring some binocs and plan to sit up there for a spell and enjoy the view. There’s no place like it in Texas!

FYI: No dogs allowed (“Lame,” says Trooper.)

Echo Canyon Trail

This juts off from Summit Trail and is a fun addition to the summit trail as you are coming back down. Hang a right on your way down at the Echo Trail sign, and the trail will lead you down a valley, beside boulders, and to Moss Lake. From the far side of the lake, you can get beautiful pictures of Enchanted Rock!

Be Aware: Echo Canyon is for sure-footed folks, as it requires balance and stability as you make your way down through the small canyon. It doesn’t require any rock climbing — just a helping hand from a hiking buddy every now and then!

Best time to go: on your way down from Enchanted Rock

Difficulty: moderate

Distance: 0.67 mi

Loop Trail

I LOVED Loop Trail!! Personally this was my favorite, 2nd only to the Summit Trail. This was nice, wide, flat, and downhill. (Downhill?! Yes please.) It also affords you dozens of panoramic hill country views, pink granite boulders, wildflowers (in Spring), and a scenic overlook to stop at. I definitely recommend this one!

Best time to go: Any time is good, but I recommend making a loop with Echo Trail and Summit Trail.

Difficulty: easy

Distance: it depends — the entire loop is 4.25 miles but the section we did, from Moss Lake to the trailhead on the southern end of the park is only about 1.8 miles.

Connecting Trail to Frog Pond

This is shorter and still very scenic – we spent about 45 minutes exploring this area but could have spent longer. Tall oak trees, gorgeous wildflowers, rolling hills, and creeks all grace the area and it makes for a very lovely jaunt!

Loop trail intersects here – not to be confused!

Oh, Texas, just STOP! You so pretty!!!


Difficulty: easy

Distance: 0.57 miles; 1.12 if you take the Frontside trail back to the trail head

Enchanted Rock is one of my favorite hiking experiences in Texas – the trails are just the right length, the scenery is jaw-dropping, and when everything is covered in spring green and wildflowers it’s simply divine.

GO!!! Do it! Please, for me. Make a reservation. You will not regret it!

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