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Field Fashion Inspired by GMA’s Amy Robach

Wednesday morning of last week, I was sitting in my warm kitchen having coffee and watching Good Morning America when the scene on the television cut to Amy Robach, one of their correspondents, standing on a glacier in Iceland in a red parka and furry hat.

Amy Pic
Photo cred: Amy Robach Instagram

How cute is she? I want to be that cute! As they say, “Goals.” I seriously admire Amy for going to Iceland in the dead of winter to bring us gorgeous glacier footage and I love her style. So today, Amy, you get the honor of being featured here in one of my “Inspired By” posts. Congratulations! You’ve really hit the big time now!

Below are two versions of her look–one for truly cold weather and one for mild Texas winters.

Cold Weather

mauna kea parka

The North Face Mauna Kea Parka, Nordstrom, $223

5 stars and 38 Reviews!

Mild Texas Winters

Merrell Jacket

Merrell ‘Silversun’ Featherless Water Resistant Puffer Jacket with Faux Fur Trim Hood, Nordstrom, $229.

Love this one. Puffer jackets are in and this cayenne shade of red is divine.

I’m officially adding Iceland to the bucket list. If Amy can do it, so can I. Go Amy.