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10 Tips for Owning a Ranch, with Texas Rancher Carol Knutson

Yesterday you may have seen my post where I interviewed Texas rancher Carol Knutson, and today I wanted to share her brilliant tips for running a ranch! Whether you have a ranch or not, some of these ideas still apply to ownership of any property–be it suburban home or big acreage. Fellow property owners, feel free to add your two cents in the comments!

1. Find a place that you love because the work often seems hard and never-ending.

2. Look for land with potential for improvement, on a scale you can manage.

3. Expect to have a lot of responsibilities, from the livestock to the land and water.

4. Be vigilant and careful. Between animals and machinery, ranching can be dangerous.

5. Prepare for the many expenses. It’s important to generate income off the land or have another source of funds.

6. Understand that nothing in nature stays the same, and land takes work every single day.

7. Learn from your mistakes and be open to new ways.

8. Be a self-starter, have a strong work ethic, and be resourceful.

9. Have a network of people on which you can rely.

10. Take time each day to enjoy your land. Be grateful for what you have accomplished and for the time you have been given to care for it.

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