Beach Bums (of the Fluffy Variety)

My corgi Trooper loves the beach. He is a beach bum of the fluffiest variety.



To him the beach means three things:

  1. Waves to bark at.


2. Birds to bark at.


3. Water to run in that is just at his height.


And plenty of wide open space.

Trooper’s little heart sings a happy tune when he gets to go to the beach.

Last November we stowed him away in our hotel room at a really nice hotel (WHOOPS!) on a trip to Galveston for a friend’s wedding.


He was one grateful pup.


I’m pretty sure he rid Galveston Island of every pigeon and seagull that weekend.

Now, every time I see his paw twitch while he’s asleep, I just assume he’s dreaming of running on the beach.


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