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An Easter Blessing for a Snapping Turtle

Happy belated Easter! I hope you ate at least half as much Easter candy as I did, so I don’t feel as guilty.

We went to my husband, Brandon’s parents’ house in the country and had a big party and Easter egg hunt with his family.

One of the perks of living in the country is chicks on Easter morning.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (3)

They’re so cute!

This year, chicks weren’t the only caged animal at my in-laws.

When we arrived, Brandon’s dad had something he wanted to show me.  Out in the yard, in a cage, was a fifteen inch snapping turtle he had caught that morning by one of his stock tanks.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (2)

Bill didn’t want the turtle to live in his pond because it would eat all of his fish, and so Bill had picked out a creek about a mile away to move him to.

Despite the fact I was dressed in my Easter outfit–a silk skirt and patent leather shoes–I helped load up the turtle and climbed in the truck to go deposit him in the creek.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (5)

Mr. Snappy wasn’t moving by this point. I think he was very unhappy.

As we lowered the cage to the ground, I felt like I was reliving the scene in Free Willie where they free Willie. It’s a glorious feeling.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (6)

Brandon opened the door and Snappy made a bee line for the water. I’ve never seen a turtle move so fast! He was a free man once again.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (7)

Is that a smile on his face?

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (8)

There he goes!

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (9)


2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (10)

Snappy alternated between swimming around his new home and burrowing himself in the mud. He was one happy turtle.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (11)

Snappy got to enjoy the very meaning of Easter, renewal of life. That morning he was awaiting his fate in a cage, and by the afternoon he was swimming in a new pond. As Bill said, “I could have just shot him but…it’s Easter.”

It was his lucky day!

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (12)

During this adventure, Bill told me he read my blog and he “never knew I was so outdoorsy.” He said it surprised him because I was such a girly girl. I said, “Bill, I can still be girly and into the outdoors! ”

“I guess that’s true,” he pondered. “So…you’re like a half breed.”

A half breed. Yes, I suppose. I think that is a compliment? I went back to the house in my silk Easter outfit and blended right in with the city folk. I’m stealthy like that.

2015-04-05 Easter - Smaller (14)

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