Two Tired Puppies

These puppies are tired.

DSC_0210 smaller

Just look at those droopy eyes.

They had a very big day of hiking at Pedernales Falls Saturday.

DSC_0242 smaller

There was always a new dog on the trail to sniff, plant to mark, buzzard to bark at, stick to chew and varmint to scare off.

If I had to sum up in one picture how I felt after our day hiking at Pedernales Falls, this would be it. I was beat. Unfortunately, no one wanted to carry me in their backpack.

One Easy Way to Light Up a Campsite

DSC_0282 - Smaller

Christmas lights are a great way to provide soft, ambient light at your campsite. We went camping this weekend at Pedernales Falls, and I felt slightly silly hanging these up in the bright light of day, but once night fell, I was glad I did, and so was the rest of our group.

Most parks note online whether electricity is provided at each campsite, and if so, be sure to pack an extension cord to connect the power station to the tree you choose to hang your lights on.

While lanterns and flashlights provide bright, focused streams of light, they don’t easily illuminate an entire picnic table, making it difficult to cook or build a s’more.  Not to mention, they can be misplaced in the dark easily. Not to mention, they’re not half as glamorous!