Much gratitude to everyone for the following reviews.

“Growing up I thought I was the only girl who loved hunting and camping and shooting and hiking. I wish I had known Whitney back then, but knowing her now and reading the great things she writes on her blog makes up for lost time. Gals and guys, this Texas woman really knows her stuff! I love reading her blog, if you are curious about getting outside into Texas or are a pro I think you will just love reading this! Full disclaimer this has zero to do with my recent book winning from her site (can’t wait to read about the Grand Canyon!!). I just love this blog and think every woman I know would enjoy .”

– Liz Barrett, friend

 “GIRL I love this redesign.”

– Holly, Friend and Objective Advisor, on the redesign of

“Whitney sure knows how to CAMP!”

– Brian, Brother-in-Law

“Mmmmm. This is good baby.”

– Brandon, Husband and Food Aficionado

“I’m proud of you sweetie.”

– Mom, #1 fan