Field Fashion Friday: Fall Outdoorsy Faves

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Shirt, Slightly Fitted,

Barbour Wray Water Resistant Quilted Gilet,

L.L. Bean’s Original Bean Boot, Women’s,

One great thing about planning a fall/winter camping trip is the chance to wear clothes like this!

L.L. Bean’s flannels are so cozy and only get softer with every wear. Love this Barbour vest too–it’s so tailored and classic, and not too puffy. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic Bean boot for drizzly and frosty days.

This combo would be perfect for a glamp out, sitting around the campfire, a day at the ranch, a trip to the pumpkin patch, or a Fall picnic with friends at your favorite state park.

So much to look forward to this Fall. Happy Fall!!!!

Field Fashion Friday: Fade to Black Wild Rose Performance Top

Good morning ladies! Happy Friday! As you all likely know by now, I’m in love with Wild Rose Apparel performance gear for outdoor activities. It’s made for Texas women–sun protectant, light, breezy, and yet fashionable enough to be seen in public. Today I want to show y’all one of their latest tops, which I’m kind of in love with.

Wild Rose Apparel Fade to Black Top,, $60

  • UPF 50 (meaning it protects your skin from the sun)
  • Quick dry
  • Moisture wicking

You may be thinking LONG SLEEVES?! Are you crazy? But trust me you cannot even feel them, the fabric is so light.

LOVE these faded cuffs.

Just pair this top with Prana’s Olivia Short (my favorite short for hiking…which you also need to get) and you will be good to go!

The Wild Rose Fade to Black top is perfect for hikes, horseback rides, hunts, ranch work, fishing, or a long walk around the neighborhood with your dog. (One of my personal favorite outdoor activities.)

PS. I woke up very early in the morning to take these photos and catch this good light, so I hope you appreciate this. 🙂

PSS. If you’re digging the scenery in these pics here’s where they were taken! The Most Scenic Trail in Davis Mountains State Park

Have a great weekend ladies! I would say “I hope you do something outside” but given that it’s August and topping 100, I’ll give you a break just this once…


Field Fashion Inspired by Laura Bush

Today’s field fashion post is inspired by former First Lady Laura Bush! You may not know that Mrs. Bush takes a trip every single year with her childhood girlfriends to a national park, where she roughs it–hikes, rafts, rides horses, and camps under the stars.

In the public eye, she’s a great advocate for the environment. Here are just a few things she has done!

  • Helped establish the second largest protected area in the world, the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii
  • Restored native wildlife habitat on the ranch she and President Bush own in Crawford
  • Landscaped the entire George W. Bush Presidential Center with native Texas plants (better for wildlife and less water-intensive)
  • Helped ensure the building received Platinum LEED certification, the highest green building recognition
  • Co-written a children’s book with daughter Jenna about the national parks, Our Big Backyard

A real Texas woman, she is leading by example. And she always looks perfect in the process.

I loved this picture of her smashing a champagne bottle in Yosemite National Park to commemorate the redediation of Tioga Road, and especially loved her hat. Here is one just like it:

I know it’s just a hat, but it’s who knows, you might find yourself planting milkweeds to attract Monarch butterflies or hitting a neighborhood trail with your kids when you put it on! May you feel inspired by Laura Bush’s example in more ways than one.

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Field Fashion Friday: A Cute Hiking Outfit!

I don’t have to tell y’all twice that  outdoor clothing often looks masculine, isn’t cut right for a woman’s body, and isn’t useful anywhere other than the trail or camp site. Fortunately the tide is starting to turn, just slightly, in our direction but there is still a long way to go.

That is why I love these shorts–they defy all the traditional rules of outdoor clothing by being feminine, versatile enough to wear for activities other than just hiking, but also high performance enough to tough it on the trail with you. Because we women aren’t wallflowers, we hike many miles and need gear that can keep up.

Comes in a number of colors including charcoal and black.

No surprise this is by one of my favorite outdoor clothing brands, prAna!

Would look cute with the Kora top…

Happy hiking, ladies. I know you will enjoy these!!

Field Fashion Friday: Wild Rose Camo Top

For what seems like my entire life as a hunter, I’ve been wondering one question when it comes to women’s field attire: Why is there not a feminine camo print on the market?

It’s as if there is some law that states we all have to wear Real Tree or Mossy Oak camo, and I’m not a huge fan.


Finally, a camo print has come along that’s covered in roses, and simply beautiful.

Lindsey Gates, founder of Wild Rose Apparel is the woman behind this. I love it because I can wear more places than just the deer blind, like a day on the ranch, camping, or with a cute vest in town.

You can purchase it here:

This material is so light and breezy, it definitely has Texas women in mind. She’s putting this camo on lots more products coming up and I can’t wait to see them all.

Three cheers for better looking women’s field clothes!


Field Fashion Friday: Fur Fingerless Gloves

I’m kind of obsessed with these fingerless gloves by Wild Rose Apparel! I loved shooting in them last weekend at my Ladies’ Skeet Shoot.

Perfect for a cold day of shooting or hunting, and can be worn in the city. I personally love the fingerless style for warm Texas. Our winters don’t always call for big gloves, to say the least.

It is nice to have gloves every now and then when you’re shooting, because sometimes the gun can rub your hands and create callouses. (Depending on the gun and how much shooting you do.)

Happy shooting!

Field Fashion Friday: Upland Game Hunting and Ranch Boots

TGI Field Fashion Friday! These boots are a modern take on the classic country look with suede and tweed. Perfect for trips to the ranch, pheasant hunting up north, or even a trip to the mountains. They’re waterproof with good traction on the soles, so they meet the technical needs you’ll have afield.

Merrell Eventyr Cuff Waterproof Boot,

Also in black.

Pair them with this Patagonia Better Sweater jacket in grey and simply your favorite jeans.

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Field Fashion Friday: Winter Greys

TGIF! The Fridays are flying by fast now that it’s December. Today’s Field Fashion Friday is inspired by this look from Ralph Lauren:


All you really need now are some huskies and a mountain cabin, and you’ll be set!




This outfit isn’t exactly made for strenuous outdoor activities but it’s perfect for a cold day on the ranch or a casual day on your next ski trip.

Have a great weekend and good luck with all your Christmas shopping! If you ideas for the outdoorsy people in your life check out my gift guides here.

Field Fashion Friday: Chic Ranch Coat

Today you will be surprised to hear it’s all about Kate–again. When it comes to outdoor attire, she sets just the right example–not too over the top, not too underdressed, cute, comfy, classic. When I ran across a jacket in Prana’s catalogue that looked like one she had, I thought I should share.


Kate’s Coat

This faux fur and suede coat is perfect paired with boots for a chilly day down at the ranch. (Or walking in your neighborhood palace gardens, whichever is more realistic for your life.)

(Kate’s is faux fur.)

Now for the rest of the outfit:


These are great for horseback riding, short hikes (under 2 miles), hunting, and weekends at the ranch.


I have a hat like this and wear it hunting and on trips to the ranch.

Enjoy channeling your inner Kate!

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Field Fashion Friday: Fishing Like the Duchess

The Duchess of style is at it again, folks. As you may recall, last week I wrote about what she wore hiking in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Well, there’s more. The next day she went fishing in a leopard print headband. Leopard print while fishing is kind of, like, MY thing…but okay, Kate, you can share in it. You do a better job anyways.


Kate, Why are we not friends?!


We both wear leopard print and make the same expression when touching fish!


What She is Wearing

A field friendly version of it, down to the life jacket.

Leopard Print Headband






May we all look like Kate when we go fishing…or at least, may we look half as good.