Field Fashion Friday: Fur Fingerless Gloves

I’m kind of obsessed with these fingerless gloves by Wild Rose Apparel! I loved shooting in them last weekend at my Ladies’ Skeet Shoot.

Perfect for a cold day of shooting or hunting, and can be worn in the city. I personally love the fingerless style for warm Texas. Our winters don’t always call for big gloves, to say the least.

It is nice to have gloves every now and then when you’re shooting, because sometimes the gun can rub your hands and create callouses. (Depending on the gun and how much shooting you do.)

Happy shooting!

My 8 Fave Winter Boots from Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post has long been one of my go-to’s for discount outdoor clothes and accessories. Gotta scratch the never-ending itch for outdoor gear! Growing up, I looked forward to getting their small black and white magazine in the mail. It was printed on newspaper and had drawings instead of photographs, if you can believe it. Those were the days.

Currently they have an awesome selection of winter boots on their website and I wanted to share my favorites. I don’t know about you, but each time this time of year rolls around, I’m wishing for a mountain vacay.

This post is sponsored, but all comments and opinions are my own.

Santana Claudina Snow boot

These boots top my list. I LOVE the laces and shearling, and they solve one of the quandaries I always have when on a ski trip: What do I wear on my feet if we dress up and go to a nice dinner?!

These also can be worn casual with jeans or après-ski. Versatile, stylish winner.


Kamik Scarlet 3

Another option that would be great for a night out on a ski trip, these Kamik boots are cute and super reasonable at only $79.99.


Santana Myra Snow Boot

These have the best faux fur of all the ones on this list! I love how casual they are too, perfect for laid back mountain towns and chilly days at home.



Kodiak Skyla Leather Pac boots

Have you seen The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? These boots remind me of some she wore in that movie. Obviously, if they’re good enough for Sandra they’re good enough for me and I think this look is classic.


Real leather, wool, and suede for only $119.99.

Bearpaw Bethany Snow boot

Love the green and brown combo here and these are cheap! Only $59.99.


Aquatherm Wide Calf Boots

I’m a wide calf girl so these were a necessity for the list.


Also very reasonable – $69.99.


Henri Pierre Jaki boots

Can’t beat a classic navy suede.




Santana Canada Melita boot

These would look SO cute with a white or grey ski jacket!




Hope you found something you love and that the next time you wear them, you are on a sunny slope in a beautiful mountain scene!

Be sure to check out the rest of for some great deals.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping. 🙂


Field Fashion Friday: Chic Ranch Coat

Today you will be surprised to hear it’s all about Kate–again. When it comes to outdoor attire, she sets just the right example–not too over the top, not too underdressed, cute, comfy, classic. When I ran across a jacket in Prana’s catalogue that looked like one she had, I thought I should share.


Kate’s Coat

This faux fur and suede coat is perfect paired with boots for a chilly day down at the ranch. (Or walking in your neighborhood palace gardens, whichever is more realistic for your life.)

(Kate’s is faux fur.)

Now for the rest of the outfit:


These are great for horseback riding, short hikes (under 2 miles), hunting, and weekends at the ranch.


I have a hat like this and wear it hunting and on trips to the ranch.

Enjoy channeling your inner Kate!

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Field Fashion Friday: Elephant Hair Bracelet

Today’s field fashion is inspired by Africa. Elephant hair bracelets, only they are not made from elephant hair, but from sterling silver and gold, or, if you choose the black one, synthetic and gold.

two tone gold silver

Two-tone lightweight elephant hair bracelet, Safari Jewelry, starting at $100 (Prices vary depending on number of strands, gemstones, and metals)


Synthetic and 14k gold elephant hair bracelet

A friend of mine has had these for years and they are as shiny and stunning as the day she bought them. A reminder of the plains of Africa each time you look down at your wrist.

A particularly beautiful addition to your ranch or hunting attire. Wink wink!




Perfect Day Pack: Mountain Hardwear

Day hiking is a sport I can get behind. You don’t have to pack up your things for an overnight ordeal, you burn calories seeing the countryside instead of a gym, you get a tan, and you get to come back to a warm and cozy bed ready for a good night’s sleep.

Every good day hiker needs a good day hiking bag, and this is the one I use. (Thanks to my mountain climbing brother for picking it out!)


Mountain Hardwear Fluid Daypack,, $70.

It’s cute, it’s light, and it’s comfortable.

It has a pocket for my cell phone up top…


…lots of padding on my back…


…a place for a camelbak water bottle as well as spots for my water bottles on the side…


…and adjustable side straps to cinch it in/let it out.

My only complaint would be that there are too many straps, but who knows–one day I may be lost in the wilderness and need those straps to build a rope so I can shimmy down a cliff, catch a fish, or fight off a bear! You never know.

So far, I love it.


I think I’ll keep it.

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Slope Style: Best Baselayers

Funny thing, I used to hate skiing. But, over time, I started to eliminate the reasons I hated it–I figured out how to stay warm, I forced myself down green runs enough times to feel confident, and I figured out how to turn without falling. Most of the time. Hehe. I also discovered that I loved being in the mountains in winter.

In this process, I tried out a number of clothing items to keep me comfortable, from microfiber to wool. I sweated and froze and eventually landed on this list. I love this stuff!


Simply the best! You will need:

FFF - Ski Combo 3 - Baselayers - Smartwool, $94, $25, $94

SmartWool keeps you warm, stretches and conforms to your shape, and doesn’t absorb odors.  It’s so comfortable that I don’t want to take it off after skiing…kind of like ski and apres-ski all in one! The midweight shirt I’ve linked to here is my favorite, and is thick enough to be worn as a winter shirt.

Turtle Fur Comfort Shell Fleece Neckula, $20

A fleece neck gaiter with a waterproof shell, which keeps out moisture and keeps you warm. Turtle Fur is the softest. What’s the difference between this and a regular neck warmer? One way to find out is on the top of a mountain when it’s -8 degrees, but I don’t recommend that!

Black goes with everything but these neckulas can be found at ski shops in the mountains in more fun patterns.

Swany Mittens, $134

I give these mittens a thumbs up. (Haha, get it?!)

After dropping my old purple glove off a lift recently, on a day that was in single digits, I needed to replace it asap. We stopped in a shop and my friend suggested the Swany Men’s X-Cell 2 Mitt for $134. A men’s glove?! For my delicate little hand? And it’s $134?!  But, I was cold and my husband wasn’t watching, so I bought them. I’m so glad I did. My fingers were warmer than they had ever been on a mountain and I found the gloves had lots of convenient bells and whistles.  To name a few…

  • T shaped drawstring makes adjusting the wrist straps easy when your other hand is in the mitten
  • Pocket for hand warmer
  • Wrist loops to keep the glove from falling off…clearly I need that
  • Buckle to keep them together when not in use

Best ski gear investment yet.

That’s a wrap. I hope you have many happy and warm ski trips in your future and enjoy this gear as much as I have.

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Field Fashion Friday: Animal Hide Rifle Sling


Part of my Christmas loot was this sweet animal hide rifle sling from Africa. (Thanks mom!)

She got it on a safari but I found similar ones for sale here and here. Definitely the coolest gun slings I’ve seen in a while, and a fun touch to a hunting outfit.

(Or take it up a notch–save some hide from your own African safari and have it custom made.)

Treat yourself.

TGIF. Have a great weekend in the GREAT outdoors!

Above slings are adjustable and fit a standard rifle.