Field Fashion Friday: A Cute Hiking Outfit!

I don’t have to tell y’all twice that  outdoor clothing often looks masculine, isn’t cut right for a woman’s body, and isn’t useful anywhere other than the trail or camp site. Fortunately the tide is starting to turn, just slightly, in our direction but there is still a long way to go.

That is why I love these shorts–they defy all the traditional rules of outdoor clothing by being feminine, versatile enough to wear for activities other than just hiking, but also high performance enough to tough it on the trail with you. Because we women aren’t wallflowers, we hike many miles and need gear that can keep up.

Comes in a number of colors including charcoal and black.

No surprise this is by one of my favorite outdoor clothing brands, prAna!

Would look cute with the Kora top…

Happy hiking, ladies. I know you will enjoy these!!

A Woman’s Place is in the Wild

Today I wanted to share an article I had published on a big national hiking website for women!

Have you all seen REI’s new Force of Nature campaign celebrating women in the outdoors? In it, REI is calling those of us who love the outdoors “Forces of Nature” and striving to make the outdoors the “most level playing field on earth.”

You can read all about it HERE on their website. It’s cool!

This photo courtesy of their recent magazine.

In honor of this campaign, REI challenged me and my fellow Hike Like a Woman Ambassadors to write about what it meant to us to be a Force of Nature, and HERE IS MY POST! (<–click on that link  to see it on HLAW’s site!)


“The more women who get outdoors, the more people who will care about a healthy and vibrant future for nature.” — Let’s Be a Force of Nature, For Nature


It’s a short piece, and speaks to the core of why I write this blog. As you ladies may know, sharing the outdoors with women in an effort to inspire conservation actions is the driving passion behind every word I write. I hope those of you who come back to this blog feel a little bit more connected to the natural world each time and want to be a part of efforts to care for it.

“Every woman on earth, regardless of class, age, race, or economic status, benefits from the gifts nature gives: clean, healthy flowing rivers, wildlands in which to recreate, fresh produce, food and clean air.”

Grab a cup of joe, head on over to Hike Like a Woman, and check out mine and all of the other great articles on being a Force of Nature! There are about twenty articles being published May 1 – 20.

And be sure to check out REI’s hashtag #forceofnature for some good outdoor travel inspo.