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Whit’s Wilderness on the Hike Like a Woman Podcast!

This week I was featured on the Hike Like a Woman podcast, and I wanted to share the link here for any of you who are interested in listening!

We discuss my favorite places to hike, hunting, and the blog. Hike Like a Woman is a great website where women hikers can find community, and you can connect with them on social media here:

Last year I became a Hike Like a Woman ambassador, which has been a great way to meet women hikers from around the country.

Thanks for listening and for all of those of you who support this blog!


  • Maria

    I really appreciated the podcast episode! I don’t hunt much, but my husband does a ton and it’s really a big part of our lifestyle (I’m more the gatherer of the household…), so I appreciated that part of the conversation and I thought that you did a great job of explaining it for those that might not have that background.

    Even more than that, I think my favorite part was when you just owned up to the fact that you don’t try to “do it all.” That was perfect– it seems like the conversation is always about whether one can do it all, which has never been an issue that really resonated with me. I love that you ask if it is really worth it to try to, or what we get out of it– I thought that was a perfect point. Thanks much!

    • Whitney

      Aw thank you Maria! I appreciate you listening and your positive feedback. I definitely think doing it all is not possible, that we are supposed to enjoy life and not worry so much about being an over achiever. 🙂 Glad you agree. Thanks for stopping by!!

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