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Perfect Day Pack: Mountain Hardwear

Day hiking is a sport I can get behind. You don’t have to pack up your things for an overnight ordeal, you burn calories seeing the countryside instead of a gym, you get a tan, and you get to come back to a warm and cozy bed ready for a good night’s sleep.

Every good day hiker needs a good day hiking bag, and this is the one I use. (Thanks to my mountain climbing brother for picking it out!)


Mountain Hardwear Fluid Daypack, Amazon.com, $70.

It’s cute, it’s light, and it’s comfortable.

It has a pocket for my cell phone up top…


…lots of padding on my back…


…a place for a camelbak water bottle as well as spots for my water bottles on the side…


…and adjustable side straps to cinch it in/let it out.

My only complaint would be that there are too many straps, but who knows–one day I may be lost in the wilderness and need those straps to build a rope so I can shimmy down a cliff, catch a fish, or fight off a bear! You never know.

So far, I love it.


I think I’ll keep it.

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  • NKM

    I have a couple of Ospry day packs. One is smaller and good for shorter summer hikes when you are not carrying a jacket. They have similar features that may deserve a “WW” review!

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