The weather this Easter was so perfect, it was just beckoning us to spend time outside.


It was sunny, but not in the hot summer sun kind of way–more in the hammock naps and brisk morning walks kind of way.


Like the good Texans we are, or try to be, we took my three nieces to a field of bluebonnets for photos. It’s a Texas tradition we do not miss.

I have three nieces and a fourth niece on the way. My husband’s side of the family has become inundated with girls in the last four years. Thanks to the new wives and daughters that have entered the scene, the boys are starting to be outnumbered after a very long time. Brandon is one of three boys, and his dad is one of five boys, so it’s been a while since the scales were tipped this direction.


Speaking of tipping scales…this is my newest niece Winnie, who is one big baby. (As a former big baby myself, I can say this.) What’s not to love about a fat baby in a field of bluebonnets?

I love everything about it.

With the sun shining to bright it was hard to have all of our eyes open at once for a photo.




After the wildflower pics, we had an Easter egg hunt for the girls, where they probably split a hundred eggs between them. I don’t remember Easter egg hunting being that lucrative or easy when I was a child!


However, to my mom’s credit she would hide solid Dove milk chocolate eggs around the house for me to find, which wasn’t exactly a bad deal for a chocolate lover like myself.





The chickens were a little confused by all of the egg collecting, not knowing whether to flee the scene or start sitting on eggs.


The next morning was Easter proper, and it started off with a perfect sunrise. I walked down the lane with my coffee and snapped some pics.


This chicken was out enjoying the weather too.


“Where are all my eggs?”

And of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without church.


(And the squinty eyes continue.)

I hope you all had a perfect Easter too. The blissful weather has continued this week in Austin and I’m currently writing from my porch…I must enjoy this while it lasts.

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    Jill March 31, 2016 (4:22 pm)

    I love this. I really love the pictures! They are absolutely gorgeous!

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