Corgis Swimming (Yes It’s Possible!)

I’m a corgi lover. It’s the truth. I’m currently on my third one, and I still have yet to get over their cuteness. I’m convinced that if I was a character in Harry Potter, my patronus would be a corgi. As a corgi owner, I often get asked, Can corgis swim? 


The answer, which surprises most people, is yes! They’re quite good at it, actually. If you haven’t already read the story of my first corgi jumping in a pond as a puppy, here it is. While long legs may have been bred out of corgis over the years, a love for the water apparently has not.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t send a corgi out into a strong current, or expect them to have the stamina of labs. Lifejackets help!

Trooper has a love-hate relationship with the water. He will gladly belly flop in a river and swim in a wide arc before returning to the shore. But on the other hand, he barks like a maniac when anyone gets near water, as if he’s trying to say “DON’T GET IN THERE IT’S DANGEROUS!” He’s confusing.

But he’s so darn cute!


Where are his legs? I can’t even see them.

(Imagine mass hysteria of barking in this picture below.) Dad! I told you not to get near the water! Now you threw that stick and I’m going to have to go get it!


Don’t worry, I can get it dad! I can bring it back!


I got it, Dad. This stick is really big, by the way. It’s kind of heavy.


Hey Tyler, watcha doin?


Oh you guys are just gettin’ a beer? Ok…


Will someone please throw a stick out here?


Anyone? No?

Ok well I’m gonna go chase after that leaf that’s going downstream.


I think it got away. It was moving really fast.


I’ll get the next one.

Hey buddy, watcha got there? That looks like a fun toy.


Can I play?


YAY!!! Mommy tossed me a tennis ball. I gotta bring it back to shore for her. I can barely keep my head above water but I gotta take her this tennis ball.

Moral of the story: YES, corgis can swim. I hope you enjoyed this dose of corgi cuteness brought to you by the Corgi Lovers Association of America. (That’s not a real organization…YET. If someone wants to help me start it, I’m down.)

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