Panhandle Scenes and Texas Tech Football

Have you seen my Youtube channel?

I just got it and I already feel more legit in the blogosphere.

This weekend I was in the Panhandle for a program I volunteer with and once again I was reminded how dry, flat, and farmed that part of the world is.

This sums up the Panhandle in one seven-second nutshell. We drove sixty miles and the landscape barely changed.

People often tell me that the Panhandle is “boring,” and that “there’s not much to look at,” but I think the immense amount of flat farmland is an incredible natural feature in itself. I like long views and big skies. 2015-04-19 Panhandle - Flat - Smaller (3)

Cotton is KING up there. Rain, and cotton. And Texas Tech football!

I had a face to face encounter with Tech football on my flight back to Austin.  Kliff Kingsbury, Tech’s head coach, was on my plane. Kliff is the Ryan Gosling of Texas and the Heart Throb of the South. We had a few moments of eye contact as I slowly realized who he was, and he sauntered over to me, threw his soda away in the nearby trash can, and headed off to his gate.


Let’s just say, I get the obsession. He’s no Brandon, but I can see why he has heart throb status.

He can make a piece of trash look good.

(And no, that was not a double entendre against Tech. For the record.)


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