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Life with an Engineer

Recently an Elite Daily article popped up on my Newsfeed, and it caught my attention as it featured “19 Reasons to Date an Engineer.” As the wife of one myself, I feel I must share the following conversation before any of you jump in head first. Having an engineer in your life is a joy, for sure, and the article was very right. But you need to know what you’re getting in to.

The following is an actual conversation that happened this morning between my engineer husband and me. I’ll preface this with a few facts about our life:

  1. My husband loves calculus. Actually enjoys it. In the same way I enjoy social occasions.
  2. Thus, he is both literal and analytical.
  3. He owns a 30 pound cat who is always begging for food.

(Have I mentioned I never thought I’d marry a man that owns a cat?)

Here’s the conversation…

Brandon: Moe wants food.

Me, sarcastically: Tell me something I don’t know.

Brandon: The derivative of the log of x is 1 over x.


Brandon is like my little vessel of math knowledge and if I ever need it, I will turn to him, but there’s no point in me attempting to store such complex information in my own brain.

Welcome to life with an engineer. Prepare for all your sublime questions to be taken very literally. Prepare to hear the phrases logarithm and partial differential equation.

Prepare to rarely have to do math! Today I called Brandon because my excel spreadsheet wasn’t working. Despite having much more pressing issues with which to deal, he helped me step by step with my little challenge.

He’s probably thinking right now he should write an article on What to Expect When you Marry a Writer/Conservationist With a 30-Second Attention Span.

Being married to an engineer is great. I would totally recommend it, quirks and all.

(And, in case you were wondering, Moe got fed. Can’t you tell?)


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