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Mmmm! Campfire Peach Cobbler

This is my go-to camping treat, my secret way to impress people with my campfire cooking.  It is both delicious and easy.


What You’ll Need

Dutch Oven (mine is 12″)

1 bag charcoal briquets/dry firewood (two to three bundles for one night’s campfire)



Metal tongs (not your nice kitchen tongs — use ones you don’t mind getting dirty)

1 box yellow cake mix

2 cans peach cobbler filling




Preparing the cobbler

Grease the bottom of the dutch oven with butter. Starting with the peaches, layer peaches and cake mix. Put pats of butter evenly over the top layer of cake mix. Don’t be shy with the butter, especially if your peaches aren’t very juicy.


I have a 12″ dutch oven so I use an entire stick of butter. If your dutch oven is smaller you may not have to use as much.

Lastly, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top.

Starting a Fire

Next, you’ll need to get a fire started. You have two options here:

1) Build a campfire – Gather kindling (small twigs and sticks), wad up newspaper, and form a teepee with your newspaper at the bottom, kindling on top, and firewood above that. Be liberal with your newspaper and kindling, these are what really get the fire started.


2) Use the BBQ grill provided at most campsites (check online to be sure yours will have one) – Wad up your newspaper (or use firestarter) and pile charcoal briquets on top.


Once your coals have been smouldering for a couple of minutes, use the tongs to take 6-8 of them out of the fire and place them on a dry, grass-free patch of ground next to the fire. Place your dutch oven on top of the coals.

Next, using your tongs, add the same amount of coals to the top of the oven.


The coals will continue to burn and heat your dutch oven, cooking its contents.


After 20-30 minutes, the cobbler should be done.

Using the tongs, remove the coals from the lid, placing them back into the fire.

Using your lid lifter, remove the lid from the dutch oven.


Be careful not to touch the oven during the cooking process and definitely keep your kids away from the oven (which is why I suggest keeping your oven near the fire, where they aren’t allowed.)

Pro Tip

If you are cooking hot dogs, steaks, or other meat for the rest of the meal, I recommend starting the cobbler at the  same time. By the time the meat cooks, you serve it, and everyone finishes eating, your cobbler will be ready.

And be prepared for the aromas!

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And for second and third helpings.






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