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Venison Sausage Soup Perfect for a Winter’s Day

Tonight I made venison sausage soup with the deer Brandon and I harvested this October in Goldthwaite and it turned out to be simply divine.


One of my favorite ways to prepare venison sausage like this is to put it in a hearty soup or stew, especially on a cold winter day.

One of my favorite ways to cook is with premade mixes that save me time. So this recipe is a win-win.

Tonight,  I just sliced the sausage into 1/2″ circles and added it to the minestrone mix below. Any minestrone soup mix would work but this one is especially delicious.


I followed the instructions, added the venison sausage, and fifteen minutes later, the soup is done and the aromas wafting through my house make it smell like a professional chef lives here. My husband, not even a huge soup fan, is helping himself to seconds as I write.


The flavors in the broth and seasoning in minestrone soup combine perfectly with the venison sausage.

As much as I just love shopping for groceries…


I’d rather be watching the sunset from a deer blind!

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