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Packing List: Mini Camping Trip

Camping Essentials

Saturday we’re going on a mini-camping trip at Mother Neff State Park, the first state park in Texas. Mother Neff was the mother of one of our former Governors and donated her family land to the state park system. It’s a small little park but should keep us entertained for 24 hours.

This camping trip couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m in the middle of two major work events and it is going to be so great to get to escape to a much simpler place.  Because of these work events, I have a little less than zero time to prepare for this excursion, much less think about making it special. I’ve literally thrown together a list today.

Packing list


Air mattress (bought at Target today–$39.99 for a Queen, comes with pump)

Sheets and blanket




Bug Spray

Shade hat (Tilley recommended)

Dutch oven (I’m fixing dinner)

Dutch oven lid lifter

Charcoal briquets

Mitts and scrubber for dutch oven

Recipe TBD

Rain jacket

Prana Halle Pants


some other boring items like a cell phone charger and toiletries

At many parks, electricity is either provided at each campsite or you can reserve specific campsites with electricity.  It’s something I found out on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

I love camping with air mattresses because they give me added comfort while making bedding easy. I can just throw sheets and a blanket in the car and be done with it. Add a pretty quilt or comforter et voila, you have a lovely and inviting tent.

While at Target I also picked this up in the dollar section:


These are perfect for cleaning a Dutch oven.


I’ll share pictures after the weekend and let you know how it went!

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